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  • Water Heater Tankless Water Heaters

    Revolution Water Heater

    VRS-150 VRS-199 VRP-150 VRP-199

    • Revolution Series offers 0.95 Energy Factor to achieve superior energy saving.
    • VRS: Standard model
    • VRP: Built-in internal circulation pump
    • Up to 10:1 turndown ratio
    • Utilizes existing 1/2” gas pipe up to 24’
    • Certified for Manufactured Home(Mobile Home) installation
    • 2” PVC venting
  • Water Heater Hybrid Water Heater

    Hybrid Water Heater


    • Built-in 3 gal tank
    • Utilizes existing ½" gas line up to 20’
    • Self Calibration Mode ensures optimal unit operation
    • Convenient installation option
      - choose floor standing or wall mount installation
    • Surge pressure regulator assures yours unit is protected
      from excessive water pressure surge
    • 2” PVC venting
  • Space Heating Combination Boiler

    Combi Boiler

    VRC-80 VRC-100 VRC-120 VRC-140

    • High efficient condensing combi boiler
    • 10:1 turndown ratio
    • Self calibration mode
    • Utilizes existing ½” gas pipe up to 24’
    • Negative pressure gas valve privides constant performance at the low gas pressure situation
    • Built-in circulation pump
    • 2” PVC vent up to 60’(3” venting: up to 150”)
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